Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Second verse, much like the first

It’s a good thing that perhaps two feet of the nearly four feet of snow has melted in the past week. Tonight, another foot will fall—or so the forecasters say. I’m not sure I believe them. Every time I listen to a different forecast I hear a different amount. My favorite was 2-12 inches. Now isn’t that a useful prediction? Two inches doesn’t even bother my snow-hating chickens but 12 inches is fairly major.

And it’s the 50 mph winds that are likely to be worse than whatever amount of snow actually does fall. Sounds like another blizzard with whiteout conditions to me. So tonight I will be battening down the hatches again.

I discovered that it’s hard to show just how deep the snow is when I take photos in the forest. Snow around the base of a tree looks pretty much the same whether it’s 6 inches deep or 3 feet. The tree just doesn’t look any different in the photos. Now, if I cut that same tree down, in the spring you would see that what looked like the base of the tree today was really about 3 feet above the base. But since I don’t plan to cut down any of the trees, you really won’t know that. I suppose I could tie a ribbon around the trees, but really, what’s the point? So just take my word for it that the photos don’t look any different.

Tomorrow the snow should be pretty and brightly white again. I guess that’s the bright side. Oh, and my girl scout cookies were just delivered, so I’ll have plenty of sustenance to see me through the next storm.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

The cookies came just in time!
Good luck with your snow.

Cathy said...

ugh, I woke up to 9 inches of snow this morning. And they are forecasting another foot for tomorrow. Guess it's my turn to get the all snow. Have a good day because sound like all hell will break out tomorrow. Well at least you got Girls scout cookies. what kind ?

Elora said...

Hi, Carolyn! I've been following your snow saga daily. We've had our snow events, too, but not quite as ferocious as yours! We, too, are looking at a repeat, here. Again, though, not as severe as yours have been. Time for self-hypnosis! Visualization of summer!

Hang in there! And keep snug!


Carolyn H said...

Lynne: As long as the electricity stays on, I'll be fine. Thanks!

Carolyn H.

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: Your snow saga sounds like mine last week--20 inches on top of 2+ feet. Well, as long as it's the light and fluffy kind, it's usually do-able. Good luck!

Carolyn H

Carolyn H said...

Elora, I'm not sure I'm ready for summer, but I'm getting close to being "done" with snow, I think.

Carolyn h.