Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A little Appalachian glow

This morning’s photo is a little early morning Appalachian-glow over on Nell's Hill. I suppose the correct term is alpenglow, but I’m not in the Alps. Although I took this photo on Sunday morning, the leaves have changed even more in just 3 days. I’m already starting to hope that some good color will remain by the time this weekend rolls around. A cold front will move through tomorrow night, and it will depend on how strong and windy that is.

The dry leaves make a brittle sound at the slightest breeze. The first time I heard it again this fall, I looked behind me, wondering if someone or something was there. It took me a moment to realize what it was. You’d think after all these years that I wouldn’t be surprised the first time I hear the sound again after a year’s absence, but I somehow I always am.

The first of the leaves are already starting to fall. Every morning I have to brush off the car before I head out for work. When the leaf drop is well along, I will be ankle deep in leaves. At this point, they are still just scattered across the driveway.

It certainly is true for me that each season makes me feel as though the old is suddenly new again. Although I've now lived through many changes of season, I fully enjoy the freshness that each one brings with it. Whether it's hearing the scratch of leaves in the breeze again or finding the driveway strewn with shades of yellow and red, it really doesn't matter. It's that sense of newness again that always takes me just a little by surprise that I appreciate. Too often daily life has a degree of sameness to it that can leave me in a bit of a rut. The seasons gently jolt me out that rut and remind me that life does change. Always.

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