Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Mishmash

It’s probably just me, but with the cooler than normal temperatures over at least the past 2 weeks (not to mention the summer), I expected that the fall color change would be a little further along than it is. Oh, I can find certain trees with some color change, but when I look at the mountain as a whole, it’s not very far along.

Other signs of fall are in full swing, though. So far, I’ve managed not to kill any of the dozens of squirrels that dart in front of my car’s path, all with nuts in their mouth. Many are not so lucky. Not a day goes by that I don’t see a new one or two killed somewhere along my driving route.

And fall hawkwatches have already passed the manic glory days of Broadwing season and are settling in for the long haul of 2 more months to migration season. Hawk counters frequently add interesting tidbits and sightings to their daily count statistics. Here’s one I found from Blueberry Hill in Granville, Massachusetts. The counter reported a "young Red-tailed Hawk playing with a purple toy balloon [on September 19]. The bird dove on the balloon several times, finally popping it with its talons." I’d sure love to see photos from that one.

No rain is predicted for this weekend, so I will be out and about (I hope) in the forest as much as I can be. Fall is too short to waste it indoors.


kat said...

FINALLY, we got some rain between Friday night and Saturday here and there. I was savoring every moment. I can only hope that there's more where that came from. Glad your rain let up and you were able to get out and about. The squirrels, sometimes, drive me nuts, of course if they were all gone I'd miss them. But they are difficult to dodge.

Anonymous said...

I agree, fall is too short to waist! I feel the clock ticking and the weekends with no work are precious. Nice photo, I love the different color greens you have there!