Friday, October 24, 2008

In the air

For weeks, the weather here on Roundtop was crisp and clear, with low humidity and no rain. This morning the moon was veiled with high cirrus clouds, and by the time the sun rose, I could feel the moisture in the air. I had frost this morning, and I smelled the sweet, sweet fragrance of snow in the air. The coming precipitation will not, however, fall as snow later today. The clouds will thicken with each passing hour and cause the temperature to rise. Rain will fall tonight or tomorrow.

With the rain, many of the colored leaves of autumn will fall too. When the rain is over, the leaves that will remain will be those few that haven’t turned color yet, and for a few days the mountain will likely look green again. In a few days, another, this time the final round of color change will begin.

Winter is coming. I've smelled it.


kat said...

I am waiting for the October crispness to come back to our air. Two weeks ago, it felt like fall. Now, it's warm again and feels more like spring than anything resembling fall. Time to start doing my rain dance again.

Cathy said...

I thought I was bad for wishing for snow to come. There was talk of snow showers for Tuesday but now that's just a sunny day.