Friday, August 15, 2008

In Hiding

I wanted to post a photo that looks serene this morning, as my weekend will be anything but that. This is the weekend when the mountain turns into a latter day and more local Woodstock music festival. Thousands of people show up, and those of us who live near--both humans and animals--head for the hills. I'm going to be cabin-bound for a few days, as traffic in and out is more trouble to deal with than it's worth. I plan to use the time to catch up on a few projects I'm usually too busy running around to do.

This morning on our walk Dog was already outraged by the sight of a few of the roadies running around in a dune buggy. Add dune buggies to the list of vehicles that he hates.

So posting here will be on hold until the mountain returns to a more natural state. Look for me to be back online and out of my burrow again on Monday.


Lynne said...

Sometimes I find that forced confinement is good for shrinking the "to do" list. It must feel like an invasion.

Cicero Sings said...

A lovely serene picture. I agree, forced confinement is beneficial for the to-do list! Hope you make big inroads!