Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Danger: Invasion Underway

I believe this flower is purple loosestrife, yet another of those invasive plants that take over when they arrive. I found the plant this past weekend at the nearby state park. As the years go on, I am ever more surprised at how many of the flowers I'd always assumed were native turn out to be invasive species from someplace else. So many of these invasive plants are also pretty ones, which I'm sure contributes to the difficulty of eradicating them. No one minds pulling up some ratty-looking little weed, but a pretty purple flower? That's a lot more difficult, isn't it?

Right around the cabin, the dry weather continues, with ever more trees turning a not-quite-bright yellow. It really does look like autumn, and every now and again I have to remind myself that it's not. Perhaps tonight, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps I will see some rain.

Last night I heard the foxes barking down near the old pond. At least the local animals don't have to worry where they will find water. The snowmaking ponds hold plenty. Animals on the next mountain over or further away are less lucky. Now, I'm starting to see the smaller streams dry up, too. We need an invasion of rain here, or at least a mini-invasion.


pablo said...

The nurseries around here sell something a lot like that called purple loosestrife as a bedding plant. I don't know if it is the invasive kind. I understand there is a hybrid variety that won't set seed. Even so, I doubt that one in a hundred know that this plant is a problem.

Forest Green said...

I'm not sure that is purple loosestrife. Does it have a square stem? There is a plant with yellow flowers that is called garden loosestrife that is very pretty.