Thursday, August 07, 2008

Dumpster Diver

The Black Vultures are dumpster diving again. Maybe he or she was hoping that fan was still in the box, though it hasn't been that hot and how the bird was planning to plug it in, I have no idea. Oddly, the Turkey Vultures rarely dumpster dive, and I'm starting to wonder if the propensity for diving is a true behavioral distinction between the two species. I can almost see the field guides now. "If the bird is found in a dumpster, it's almost certainly a black vulture, as turkey vultures prefer to scavenge for carcasses along roads."

It's been a slow day here at Roundtop. I guess you could tell that, huh?


Lynne said...

Funny picture and quote! They will stay with me. I love turkey vultures and have always found them to be quite beautiful. Never seen a black vulture.

Carolyn H said...

Lynne: Keep looking! Black vultures are ever inching their way northward. They only started showing up here about 20 years ago. Now, they're regulars!

Carolyn H.

pablo said...

When I was in Nairobi, there were these huge pink birds up n the trees that lined the gritty, city streets. Though wild, they had adapted to life in the city and subsisted on the scraps of food that people left on the sidewalks. I think the greater population of them live in the city now rather than in the wild.