Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who's Got Daisies?

Whenever I start seeing daisies around the edges of Roundtop, I know the first burst of spring is gone and summer is here. The daisies and brown-eyed susans have been gracing the unmowed banks and slopes for about a week now. They grow wherever it suits them and create their own garden, without "help" from humans.

Wild they may be, but daisies are a communal plant that usually prefer the company of their own species. And it is that tendency that suddenly turns every unmowed, sunlit space into a little patch of nature’s own garden.

There are many of this wild "gardens" around right now. The sides of the one bunny hill are so full with daisies that it looks almost as dense as a planted garden. Flowers always brighten up my day, even a small handful of cultivated flowers in a vase. Seeing daisies everywhere I walk is like being surrounded by hundreds of sunny smiles. Who can resist?


Lynne said...

My favorite summer flower!
We call them ditch daisies.

Ruth said...

The daisies are in full bloom here, and in much larger clumps than last year because of the rain we have had. I like wild daisies in a bouquet too.