Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Difference of a Day

Ah, the difference of a day! The heat wave has broken, and this morning the temperature is pleasant again. Last night storms slammed across the mountain, with the worst of them fortunately missing the cabin. Still, it was enough that the sky over my roof turned pink, and Dog hid behind the fireplace.

Fireflies now dot the forest at night with their tiny bursts of light, though not as many as I expect to see in another week or so.

The honeysuckle are blooming, as you can see in today’s photo. The scent as I walk past makes me want to sit here and do nothing but smell that aroma all day long. I wonder if it’s possible to overdose on the scent of honeysuckle?

I’ve found the first abandoned bird nest of the season, empty and likely knocked down by last night’s winds. I found no sign that it was occupied at the time of its falling. It was a large nest, lined with a thin layer of mud, though well supported with twigs in the usual style. It might have been the nest of a red-winged blackbird, as the size seemed about right, and they are known for lining their nests with mud. I had planned to recover it and photograph it, but as soon as I bent to look at it, Baby Dog rushed over and stepped on it. So much for that idea.


John said...

There was a nice cool breeze coming in the window this morning when I got up. It was such a relief!

pablo said...

robin's nest maybe?

Cathy said...

Ah honeysuckle, the smell is wonderful but eating the nectar from the flower is better!

Cicero Sings said...

Ah yes, dogs on nature walks ... sometimes not a good combo!