Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Leaves of Summer

Summer’s lush greenery has been dancing before me in all its variety this week.

Each plant species has a leaf that uniquely its own, and I am finding the shapes and textures of those leaves somehow more astonishing than I remember.

Summer’s heat and humidity can make me yearn for the chill of a good winter or the briskness of fall. When I’m not careful, the summer weather can get in the way of my explorations in nature.

This week, before the heat overwhelms me, I am struck by this greenery, each so different, like the snowflakes of summer in a way. All green, each so different.

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Lynne said...

Last weekend at my brother's lake home in northern Minnesota, I spent some time scanning the far shoreline with my binoculars and again marvelled at just how many greens there are.