Saturday, June 21, 2008

Path of Destruction

Last night I had a visitor who left a path of destruction This morning when I stepped outside I was greeted by updumped plants and a trail of potting soil that led into the forest. I suspect my overnight vandal was a raccoon.

I didn't hear the disruption, though Baby Dog woke me up in the middle of the night with her barking. Since Baby Dog barks if the wind blows, her barking is no reason to suspect trouble. She's like the boy who cried wolf in that respect. Except that she's a girl and is a bit of a wolf herself.

So it was a surprise to me to find the front deck in such disarray this morning. I haven't had raccoon vandals in some time. I expect this won't be their only visit. Once they begin a rampage, it usually lasts for a while before they lose interest again. I only hope the plants survive.


Lynne said...

Uh-oh! Naughty critters. I'm sure Baby Dog is saying "sigh- I tried to tell you..."

Cathy said...

Well at least it wasn't a bear, who rip off the lock on the shed and took one of the garabge can into the woods. Which now has two teeth marks on it's lid. Oh course this all happen around midnight. Bears this year are being such brats this year

Carolyn H said...

Lynne: If Baby Dog could remember something for that long, I'm sure she'd be smug.

Cathy: I don't usually have bears. Roundtop is part of 3-4 "stand alone" mountains that are separate from the main Applachian ridge by a valley several miles wide. That's enough to keep bears away. My dad, though, had a bear in his garbage can not long ago. And yes, those younger bears are brats now that they're out on their own.

Carolyn H.

Dana Jones said...

We used to camp when I was a child and the raccoons would steal our food if it wasn't locked up in the car at night. My dad tried chasing one away with a broom stick one morning and it got very nasty before carrying off the cereal box into the woods.

I have never seen a bear in person, but have heard of sightings not far from the cabin. A friend with a large plot of land took a black bear from the Wildlife Service which was being transplanted. It seems it had caused a lot of commotion in a town far away. But after the release, they never saw their bear again.