Friday, February 15, 2008

The Ice is Still Here

The ice from yersterday's storm is still with me, though it is less severe than yesterday. The roads are better now, though ice still covers the trees. The temperature rose to 33 degrees in the late afternoon, so the mountain got perhaps an hour or so of melting.

The feeder birds are taking it all in stride. Perhaps they simply assume I will keep "their" feeder filled. I doubt birds worry about anything, except perhaps for juncos.

The juncos are funny little birds around the feeders. Most of the other species zip in and out of the feeders. They grab a seed and go someplace else to sit and eat it. Or, they eat several seeds in the feeder before leaving with one to go. The juncos are different, though. A whole passle of them sit around the feeders all day, staring at it. Periodically, one or more will approach the feeder, eat a few seeds and then retreat to the branches above and beside the feeders to sit some more. They never get but a very few feet from the feeder. It's almost as though they think they have to stare at it all day long to keep it from disappearing in front of their eyes. At least that's sort of how it looks to me. I sure wish I knew what was going on inside their little heads and why they spend all day staring at the feeders.


Cicero Sings said...

Juncos ARE like that! I have a pair that have hung out here all winter and that is what they do.

ChicagoLady said...

Maybe they think if they stare at the feeder long enough, the seed will come to them?