Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Different Path

This morning I needed to run a pre-work errand that took me off my usual route to work. So I took a few photos along the way. Dorsey Lane is one of the last public dirt roads in my immediate area, and in the last year or so this one has been improved to the point where I expect paving is in this road's near future, too. I guess there's nothing really wrong with paved roads, but they sure aren't as pretty as a nice dirt road.

This road has now been graded and cleared of the potholes that served as wonderful speed bumps. It's been layered with stones, and I could drive nearly 30 mph on it, a far cry from the 5-10 mph speed that the potholes kept me at just last year.

I'm begining to fear that I'm reinventing myself as one of those dreaded "old fogeys" that I scoffed at in my now-distant youth. The more I see of modern improvements, the less I like them. I even wonder why we need most of them.

My latest rant is on the upcoming switch to digital TV and the language that I read and hear about it. "The only people affected will be those who have resisted replacing their rabbit ears." I can't tell you how many times I've heard this one.

Resisted? The mountain blocks satellite reception, and cable isn't available, so how am I resisting replacing the rabbit ears on my 13" TV? Now I have to buy a converter box than may/may not work with my so-so reception. Please, don't get me started. Oops, it's too late.

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