Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Got Ice?

Boy, what a wild day this was. I had four inches of snow, and everything was looking pretty until around 6 a.m. Then it started to rain, even though it was still below freezing. Within seconds the trees were ice-coated. The promised above freezing temperatures never arrived, and now the trees are coated with as much ice as I've ever seen.

I still have power, but with 30 mph winds predicted for this evening, who can say how long that will continue. Trees are touching wires just about everywhere I look. The ski resort was closed today. Whether it was because people couldn't get up the mountain to get here or because of the ice or the rain, who knows? It was a mess, that's about the only thing I know.

By afternoon, the rain was not abating much, but the local birds were out and about everywhere. At any patch of open ground, flocks of juncos and sparrows were looking for food and grit. I filled my own feeders three times, and if any of the local birds are still hungry, don't blame me. I didn't see anything exotic at the feeders today, but I had a crowd of the usual suspects.

Late in the afternoon the rain finally stopped. I went outside and shook my conifer trees, trying to knock some of the ice off in hopes the trees will be able to recover from the U-shape they're all in now. It was very quiet here today--no traffic, no skiers, no one around.

It's already below freezing again, so tomorrow may be another interesting day, though I hope not.


Anonymous said...

I was just thiking with my latest delivery of oil and the $$$ bill to come that there is a price to pay for where and how we live, reading your latest post confrims that. As far as feeding goes, I've read serveal articles lately that seem to suggest that feeding is more a benefit for the feeder instead of the feedee (i.e. winter birds would do just fine without seeds put out for them by humans). That's probably right most of the time but on days like the last couple I can of doubt it as on days such as these birds are always bunched around feeders. Hope your day is a good one!

Carolyn H said...

Vern: Every few years this issue of how/if feeding birds in winter does them any benefit seems to come up (again). Personally, I think it helps the birds (though this could vary with where someone lives).

Even if the benefit would turn out to be slight, once you start feeding in winter, I think you should continue through the winter, as I'm sure the birds get at least somewhat dependent on finding food at a particular feeder. And how is benefit/no benefit measured? No one has ever explained that one to me.

Carolyn H.

Chris said...

The conditions are horrible but the pictures are just beautiful! I love the first one with the warm (ha,ha,ha) sun shining through ice covered twigs. I hope you keep you power!