Monday, June 04, 2007

Sunday Promenade

I don’t know what’s going on with turkeys around here, but on Sunday morning I ran into another flock of them that fall into the “dumber than dirt” category. Around 8:15 a.m. I was on the way to the Laundromat and was several miles from Roundtop when what should I see but a small group of promenading turkeys up ahead, marching down the middle of the road. I pulled up right beside them, and they didn’t run away. They just fluffed their feathers and gobbled at me. Another car approached, and they still didn’t move away. A third car came by, and they still held their ground. Finally, they moved enough to the edge of the road that I could inch by. What’s the deal here? Suddenly, there are dumb turkeys everywhere I turn.

The first fireflies made an appearance at Roundtop on Saturday evening. I didn’t see many, but some were out in the humid weather ahead of a thunderstorm. I still have the feeling that their arrival is several days later than usual, but in the overall scheme of things, a few days here or there likely isn’t very important.

Roundtop did get some rain this weekend—not enough to replace the 3 inches I didn’t get in May, but some. Two storms with intense lightning and some rain came through on Friday night. Another storm skirted the mountain on Saturday evening, bringing rain and a little thunder. Sunday brought the remnant of tropical storm Barry, though only the barest of remnants. From mid-day Sunday and onward into this morning, it drizzled or rained lightly. It was somewhat breezy in a way that seems peculiar to hurricanes, though I’m having a hard time finding words to explain exactly how that way looks. It has to do with how the trees move in the breeze and the way the air feels, but why any of that should be any different than any another storm, I can’t say. Perhaps it’s simply the direction the storm comes from, compared to the usual run of storms that come into the area. I’m still not sure, but I’m also still convinced that hurricane weather systems have a different look and feel to them. Maybe I’ll figure it out next time.


wyldthang said...

Hello! we have turkeys here too. They will gawk at a car, but they'll scatter real quick if a human gets out of the car--they shoosh just fine ;0). Turkeys are fun!!

KGMom said...

No fireflies here yet--but plenty of nasty black flies. I hate them--central PA's charm: black flies (aka gnats).
I love the photo of the turkey line up. Can't explain their dumbness, though.

Cathy said...

Must be something in the water to cause these turkeys to act this way ;)