Friday, June 15, 2007

Goose Parade

The Canada Geese babies were out for a walk last evening. The babies are growing fast, though they are still down-covered. Apparently, it takes a village to raise goslings as well as children, as all the local geese were out helping to shepherd the three babies between the ski slopes and the pond.

Although it is not yet summer, the greenery is already losing that bright, almost neon green shade of early spring. The greens I’m seeing now are a deeper shade, the rich emeralds of early summer.

I am anxious to head deeper into the woods this weekend to explore. This past week the weather was uncooperative, with storms nearly every evening, so today I find it has been almost a full week since I have gone much beyond the cabin door. That is an unusual length of time for me to be so limited, and I an anxious to see what I’ve missed. The weekend is calling. The mountains are calling, and it is time to answer that call.

1 comment:

KGMom said...

I love the photo of the goose parade. What a sweet scene.
And--chuckle--it takes a village to raise a goose!