Tuesday, June 26, 2007

An Oddity

Deer are all over the place at Roundtop but I don’t usually see them out in the open next to the parking lots. This doe was likely getting water from the pond that’s just out of this picture. It was a bit odd that she was in no hurry to leave once I approached, though. It’s possible that she was enjoying being away from the deerflies.

Deerflies are nasty, biting and persistent flies that are out in force right now. It’s their persistence that’s the worst. I’ve often had the same one circling my head the entire time I’m out walking Dog or Baby Dog. I can walk a mile out of the woods, and the same fly is still there, buzzing around my face, looking for an opportunity to land and bite. They are worst in the woods, and usually, eventually, leave when I am well out in the open. So I can appreciate, at least a little, why a deer would want go get away from that annoyance. At least I can go inside the cabin to get away from them. This doe doesn’t have a fawn with her, but she probably has one or two hidden nearby.
And yes, it really is as hazy this morning as it looks in this photo. Summer is definitely here for at least the next several days. Hazy, hot and humid is the forecast until the next round of storms comes along to clear it out.

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