Tuesday, June 12, 2007

No Drama

I can easily understand why summer days are called “lazy” days. True, it’s not officially summer yet, but the woods already have that feel to it. I have no high dramas to report, no more foxes barking in the driveway, no unusual birds to identify. I haven’t seen any new fawns yet this year, though barely a morning passes without seeing at least a few deer. This morning Dog spotted several far up on a slope and was hoping to give chase, despite the leash and me on the end of it.

Summer’s lazy days are more than just a natural reaction to higher temperatures. The local birds are nesting, so they are quieter and less obvious than was typical earlier in the year or even in winter. The deer that have fawns are keeping them close and not bringing them out into the open where instinct tells them that danger lurks. The spring flowers that were so brilliant just a week or so ago are already fading or being overwhelmed by the amount of non-flowering greenery that grows ever taller and ever thicker.

The woods are quieting, the drama of spring diminishing, the drama of fall yet far away.


Cathy said...

Well did you get any drama in the afternoon with any thunderstorms. I was checking the radar in my area and check you area too. Saw a few that might hit your area.

Yea that was a fun way to spend afternoon at work. See my blog for picture and entry.

The mother deer is no longer leaving her fawn in our yard. Guess it's old enough to travel with her.

Carolyn H said...


Yes, it was pretty wild here for a few hours. I think it was worse at work than at the cabin--simply because I had more rain at work. The lightning show was pretty impressive. Got another round in the evening that wasn't as bad. How about you??

Cathy said...

I didn't get any more storms. Right now, Wed's afternoon. It's overcast and chilly out