Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Newest Residents

After two weeks of perfectly clear and perfectly blue skies, a morning with clouds and fog feels a bit novel. The humidty of summer is starting to creep into the days, but as the temperatures are not yet above 80 degrees, the humidity isn't oppressive.
My flow today is a bird foot violet. I have these and regular violets scattered throughout the front forest. This plant is just inches from the edge of my driveway.
Down at the snowmaking pond, the Canada geese took their new brood of four for their first promenade yesterday morning. They are very protective parents, but the birds' curiosity got the best of them when Baby Dog started barking and whining at the fish. I should start off by mentioning that Baby Dog does not like water. She hates when even her toes get wet. The idea that she might actually get her body wet is not an idea she will entertain. Even when Dog is splashing happily in the pond, Baby Dog can not be enticed to join him. So there she was at the edge of the pond, with hungry fish gathering around the two of us. She saw the fish. She desperately wanted to do something with the fish, but she was not about to get wet to do it. So she barked at the fish, which attracted the geese enough that they floated closer and closer, wanting to find out what was going on.
Baby Dog was oblivous to what eventually became 9 large birds floating just a few feet away. The fish had her attention. I kept hoping she might finally go in the pond, since she wanted those fish so badly. But it was not to be this time. Her toes remain untrammeled by water. But I still have hope.

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