Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mountain Glorious

Summer feels so close now that only a morning or two separates it from spring. Today the "boundary" may disappear, with spring dissolving into the hot and hazy days of the mid-year. Still, no fireflies ply the darkened woods, though last evening I went outside several times just to look for them. I stood on the deck and looked into the woods. I heard a great-horned owl in the distance, the final calls of the nearest Eastern pe-wee and an ovenbird, but saw no fireflies. Should I worry yet?

I don’t normally keep track of the season’s first appearance of fireflies, though I have the sense that I should be seeing them by now. I hope they haven’t met the fate of many of the nation’s honeybees, though I have no evidence for that fear.

This spring has been unusually beautiful, almost measuring up to the Disney-esque version of it. Unfortunately, that beauty comes with a price. It has also been quite dry, one of the driest Mays on record, now more than 3" of rain less than usual. Unless June turns rainy, the price will be paid later in the summer, likely in August or even September when wells dry up and the harvest suffers. But last night it was too soon to worry about that, though the shadow of that worry won’t go away until the rain comes.

In other news: Dumber than Dirt, (see post of two days ago) was out again this morning, walking along the edge of the road as I left Roundtop and headed towards work. Mr. Turkey paid no attention as I drove by, stopping on the hill to take his photo (again). I sort of expect to find him dead along the road one morning unless he wises up soon.


Cathy said...

I haven't seen any fireflies up here yet. Did see a very stupid groundhog, who learn the hard way. Don't run in front of the car. Um the car I was in, tried stop but no such luck.

KGMom said...

Huh--no fireflies? I will have to check out our backyard. I haven't seen any either, but then I haven't been looking.
Love your name for Mr. Turkey--Dumber than Dirt.

MojoMan said...

The disappearance of the honey bees is very sad and spooky. Four hives that I visit on Moose Hill are all but dead. I think (hope!) it's too soon to start worrying about the lightening bugs. I don't usually expect to see them here in Massachusetts until about the time of the summer solstice. Let's hope!

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: sorry about your groundhog. With me, it's usually birds or squirrels that dive in front of the car at the last second.

KGmom: Let me know if you see the fireflies yet.

Mojoman: I hope it's too soon to worry about fireflies yet too, though I am sure I've seen them by Memorial Day in years past. I thought I might find them last night--very warm and summery, humid, etc. Still no sign of them.