Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Green Morning

This morning's photo was taken at one of the old snowmaking ponds for Roundtop. And like everything in the photo (including the reflection), everything around me is green. Even the deep brown of the tree trunks is overwhelmed by spring greenery right now.

It’s a little weird or off-key, somehow, for one color to so completely dominate all the other ones. The tiny and delicate violets, whites and pinks of the woodland flowers get lost when surrounded by so much green. And although I only plant native plants in woods, I have an old log into which I plant bright annuals just to have a some different colors to attract my eye.

I’m happy that birds like cardinals and bluebirds evolved into such bright shades. Their colors really stand out in a green forest, which is likely their point, but whatever, they are still a welcome sight.

This morning Dog and I spooked a deer just a few feet from our toes (paws). We were on the lane, and the deer was only a few feet off the edge of the road, bit I still only saw a quick flash of it in the dense undergrowth. Dog and I both heard it before we caught a quick glimpse. The deer had likely bedded down for the night in that spot when we disturbed her. And because deer aren’t usually in that particular spot, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was soon to drop a fawn. Deer often do that in spots that aren’t quite in their normal hangouts.


Wanderin' Weeta said...

Love your green photo!

Where I grew up, (west coast of Nootka Island, west of Vancouver Island) only three colours existed; green, grey and blue.

Except in sea anenomes on the rocks at low tide; they were reds and purples. And pink salmonberry flowers in the spring, red berries in summer.

I still pick salmonberry sprigs for my kitchen table each spring. I learned, early, to love that spot of colour.

pablo said...

It's green at Roundrock just as it is at Roundtop.

Carolyn H said...

Wanderin' Weeta,
What no white for snow??

It's a good thing I like the color green....