Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Morning Walk

Last night the first truly violent thunderstorm of the season rumbled through, rattling the windows and dousing the mountain with some much needed rain. I didn't need an inch of rain to come down in 30 minutes, though, as even on a lush mountain top like Roundtop, rain coming down that fast runs off as much as it soaks in.
This morning, the aftermath of the storm was fog and wet vegetation. It was too wet for Dog and me to walk in the woods, so we followed this two-track for a while instead. We followed the trail over to the new pond (which I couldn't see) and back. The extra moisture makes everything smell even more delicious to Dog than is the norm. That's a good thing, as he didn't seem to notice that the walk was shorter than our usual jaunt in the woods.
The vegetation is nearly at its full expanse already. I've lost my view to the west until fall gives it back to me again. For the next 6 months or so, the expanse of my view will be limited, and I will live within the green confines of the forest, sheltered by its green embrace.

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KGMom said...

I have not been by your place for quite a while. Lovely photo of the road--looks like serenity itself.
I will stop by a bit more, and see how you & the two dogs are doing.