Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Visitor

Spring continues to make its presence known, both in what I see and how the forest and the weather feels.

I knew I had an evening visitor last night when Baby Dog used her outside voice while staring out the front door. Yesterday it was nearly 70 degrees, so I let the front door open with only the storm door to create a barrier between the inside and the outside. This gives the cats and dogs more to look at. The cats seem to enjoy this a lot. Baby Dog finds that the increased field of view also allows her to find more things to bark at.

It didn't take long for one of the local raccoons to make an appearance. It was momentarily deterred by Baby Dog's outside voice, but it soon learned to ignore that. I caught this photo of it when it was still in the cautious stage.

Tundra swans and C anada and snow geese continue to move north. Likely raptors and songbirds are moving, too, but I don't get to see many of the daytime migrants. I get to hear and sometimes to see the migrants that move near or after dark. So far, I see no sign of new green growth. This is actually a good thing, as cooler weather will return in another day or so, and by the end of the week I will likely have snow again. March is nothing if not variable.


Cathy said...

I too saw huge flocks of Canada geese flying north yesterday and today. Both times I wish I had my camera.

Today it was around 70 and took a wonderful walk. Also took too many pictures. Then top it off, sat outside with lunch and a book.

LauraO said...

Variable is a good word for March. Haven't seen any raccoons yet, but the groundhogs are up.