Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sunny Day

My snow is melting fast. I would not be surprised to discover it gone when I get home from work today. The forecast is calling for 60 degrees, and even when the daytime high only reaches the mid-40's the amount of melting from morning to evening verges on the shocking.
The snow is rapidly being replaced with mud, an unhappy result as far as I'm concerned. I happily wander through a snow-covered forest, but once I start losing shoes and ruining boots in the mud, I refuse to enter until the ground beneath me is solid again. So for me, mud season is the one where I am least active and least in the woods. I'll be happier when I'm not sinking.
I'm still adjusting to this earlier daylight savings time. I just can't equate snow on the ground with stays-light-until-7:30 p.m. I can't say I dislike it, but I just can't get past the weirdness of it. Maybe next year.


pablo said...

I'm beginning to think that we may be done with winter here in Kansas City. It's still early enuf that we could have a snowstorm and freezing temps, but the birds seem to think that is all past.


pablo said...

I was out at Roundrock yesterday and it was close to 80 degrees! No snow for me (though things could still change until about May here in Missouri). Now: mud season.


Carolyn H said...


No 80 degree weather here yet, though tomorrow it might hit 70. The birds at Roundtop sure think it's spring, too.

Carolyn H.