Friday, March 02, 2007

Sorry, no photo

No photo today. It’s so foggy this morning that my photo was all gray, unrelieved by any outlines. It is that foggy. So far, the rain here has produced stream flooding, but my basement was damp but not deep when I got up this morning, so I am relieved and happy about that.

I can’t see much, so I can’t really tell yet how much the rain hurt the snow pack. I inched my way off the mountain this morning, glad I knew the road. Once off the mountain the fog lifted slightly, at least enough that I could tell the local streams were very high. One bridge I cross is usually 10 feet above the stream below. This morning it was about 18 inches, perhaps less, above the stream.

At the cabin, I could hear water rushing down the little seasonal stream at the bottom of my lane. It sounded like a waterfall. And yet, the actual rainfall was only somewhere between 1-2”, and for the most part it seemed like a fairly gentle rain. It could have been a lot worse.

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