Friday, January 05, 2007

Watching Clouds

Sometimes I think a perfect way to spend a day would be to sit outside and just watch the clouds march across the sky. I would pick a day that would be the day before a rain or a front moves through, as watching clouds form ahead of a storm would give me something to look at.

I would look at birds, too, or anything else that I saw that looked interesting, but mostly I would just look at the sky. I imagine that to most people this sounds pretty boring, but I find clouds infinitely interesting. It would also be nice simply to have that much time to do something that proceeds so slowly.

Most days, I find that time speeds along at a pace that is close to frightening. I seem to spend a lot of time doing many things at once; sometimes a quick glance at something is all the time I have before plunging in and moving ahead. How much better might my decisions be if I could take some time to think before acting? Or if I could make a decision on more than just a first impression?

The only times when time moves slowly for me is when I’m doing something boring or when I’m not doing much of anything. So, I figure spending a day looking at clouds would be as good as way as any to make time feel slower. Imagine if you could spend multiple days in a row doing nothing but looking at clouds. A week might feel like a lifetime. I'd like that.

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pablo said...

Some of my earliest memories are of watching clouds.