Wednesday, January 10, 2007


It's gotten cold enough to snow a bit here. Finally! I went outside after dark last night and was greeted with the sensation of snow flurries on the face.

It has been 6 weeks since I last saw any snow, and the surprise and sensation of these was most welcome. I'd almost forgotten how beautiful they look and feel. Unfortunately, the flurries only lasted a few minutes so imagine my surprise when I got to work this morning and find a dusting on the rooftops here in the city. Just to the north and west of me, the schools are delayed for two hours to give the road crews time to salt the roads. That little storm must have just missed me, more's the pity (as my grandmother would have said).

Anything that isn't brown stands out in the brown forest that around me right now. On my unexpected Sunday walk (unexpected because I usually spend Sundays working at Roundtop), I found these fungus, commonly known as shelf or bench fungus. Fungus of all types are a lot more visible now, and most of them are pretty interesting to look at. Certainly there's many more different types than I remember seeing before. I kind of lose track of looking at fungus, though, when I'm busy looking at flowers and birds or animals. I'll have to remember not to do that anymore. They're interesting.

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