Thursday, January 18, 2007

Old Barn

As you can tell, today's photo isn't from the mountain. It's a picture of the old barn on my family's farm. I like the way the vines are crawling all over it.

It is a bit lighter in the mornings, now, so for several days I have been taking a photo somewhere on the mountain before I left for work. But this morning was very overcast, and it was too dark for a photo. That's what I get for trying to push the morning light a little too far too soon!

I am hopeful that I might soon have some snow to brighten the brown woods, if only a little. It has now been below freezing for two days, a new record for this winter. Still, that's not long enough to give the woods a truly wintry feel. I'm starting to lose hope that winter will bother to make an appearance this year.

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Stirs The Stars said...

I love picture of barns--old and new. I really like how you framed this one. Pretty :)