Friday, January 12, 2007

Snow on the Mountain!

I took this photo of Roundtop this morning as I left for work. The mountain reopened for skiing last evening, and the parking lot was nearly as full as it would have been for a weekend day. Lots of people came out to ski last evening on some good snow.

It is starting to be lighter now when I leave for work in the mornings, which I always look forward to. I love colder weather but I don't enjoy spending all the daylight hours of a day at work and then only being at home during the dark (except for weekends). I start to feel a bit like a vampire until the light returns.

Last evening I took both Dog and Baby out to play in the snow. No, I don't have photos of that. I'm not coordinated enough to handle two large dogs and a camera at the same time. Perhaps I'll do some dog-snow photos this weekend, one dog at a time. Dog was not completely impressed with the patch of packed snow that I let him play in. He's a real powder hound, and the snow along the edge of the road was pretty well packed. Baby Dog just loves to slip and slide around. She runs in a circle until her feet slip out from under her, and she slides a good 10 feet before getting her feet back under her. She is easily amused.

I also took the second photo this morning--a little bit of alpenglow on the top of the mountains across the valley. The sun was only out momentarily before slipping behind cloud cover again, but it made for a nice start to the day.

And now, I didn't get to see Comet McNaughton last night--too many clouds.


pablo said...

I love reading about your dogs and their adventures. And your walks. And the birds you've seen. And the comets you've almost seen. And your cabin in the woods. And the wonderful life of solitude you're building for yourself!

Carolyn H said...

Thanks, Pablo!!

Carolyn H.

Stirs The Stars said...

I love the picture with the further mountains pink from the sun, and the closer dark green, beautiful! I just stumbled across your blog today, I will definitely be coming back more often!