Monday, April 03, 2006

Time Change

This was my first morning of fully dealing with the time change. I woke up to complete darkness and only with a struggle did I roll out of bed. When I walked the dogs, it was still completely dark, with not even a hit of color in the east.

I fully enjoy having more daylight in the evenings but I don’t much care for the weekend of the time change. I have trouble dealing with the fact that my weekend is a full hour shorter because of it. I’m of the view that weekends are far too short as they normally are without chopping an hour off of them. Of course the fall time change is a wonderful thing (but that’s another story).

The buds of the lower and mid-forest story are starting to come out. I’ve found two bushes in my front forest with tiny leaves on them. I’m also starting to see low-level growth on the forest floor, but so far nothing is yet advanced enough for me to be able to identify it. The upper story trees are still bare, without noticeable swelling to the twig ends but that will soon change.

The escaped Easter plants that sporadically dot the area around my cabin are up several inches, some even have flower buds. I think one will be daffodils, the other hyacinth. Both look extremely out of place in the middle of the forest.

The weather is still being difficult. The weekend was warm, with temperatures nearing 70ºF, even on the mountain. Tomorrow the prediction is for snow. I’m guessing the escaped Easter flowers won’t be thrilled with that.


Anonymous said...

Yes I just love to see snow back in the forecast. Grr Glad to see you are getting buds finally. Another week and I should be able to take my walks after supper. I always did prefer taking my walks durning the last hours of the day.

Carolyn H said...


I love evening walks too. They relax me at the end of the day. I just need to get past the time change adjustment. Another day or so, and I'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

It was a 4/1 joke :)