Sunday, April 09, 2006

Near Sunset

I took this picture last week as I was coming home from work and driving into Roundtop shortly before sunset. I liked the long shadows and warm colors.

It’s funny, but after a mild winter, so far I’m having a fairly cold spring. For some reason, it seems to me these two shouldn’t go together. Yesterday morning I had ice in the cats’ water dish—and not just skim ice either. Yet by afternoon the temperature was warm enough that I could sit on the ground in the sun with Baby Dog and watch the world go by.

Although Roundtop is closed now, you’d be surprised how many people still are wandering around. My neighbor Wes and his dog Molly were walking the slopes, following the snow edges and scavenging for cash and items lost. Two motorcyclists pulled into the parking lot, then stood around chatting for more than half an hour. A family in a van pulled in and then proceeded to go hiking up on the slopes. A large group was playing paintball. People fairly frequently drove in, drove slowly around the ponds and then drove out again. I guess the high price of gasoline isn’t high enough to deter Sunday drivers on the first really nice Sunday of spring.

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