Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Last Snow Photo (for a While)

I promise this will be my last picture of snow for a long time. I almost typed, “until next winter,” but I don’t feel I can make that extreme a commitment this morning. I took this picture last week when an early morning snow squall temporarily blanketed the mountain. The snow was gone within hours. I tried taking a picture of one of my escaped Easter flowers covered with snow, but it turns out the flower is white, so you can’t see the flower at all. In other words, the picture sucks.

I should have taken a vacation day today. The weather is warm, with a slight breeze from the south and high cirrus clouds moving in ahead of rain tonight. In other words, hawks are migrating! I’ve already seen an osprey heading north from my office window, and if I didn’t have a meeting this afternoon, I would be heading home at noon.

Baby Dog and I walked around the new pond last night. It’s about half a mile around, as best I can estimate. The two Canada geese who have claimed it swam over to check us out and make sure we were not Up To No Good. They seemed to decide against us and starting making warning sounds. Baby Dog, who needs no excuses anyway, took this as a sign that they must be barked at, and that only confirmed their suspicions about our intentions.

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