Friday, April 21, 2006

Birding News!

The March results from Pennsylvania’s backyard bird count are in. I’m tied for #6 in the state and only 2 species short of the #5 ranking! I moved up one notch from February. And this after what I thought was a slow March. So far my April is not bad, but not as good as I’d like it. I need one good weekend to get the numbers where they should be, and this weekend the forecast is for 2 days of much needed rain. So, I’m not expecting to make much if any progress on improving my ranking.

I know I’m already breaking my promise of not posting snow pictures for a while. But I just got this one from last week’s last snow of the season, so here it is. I took the photo looking north just at the point where my mountain ends and the valley begins. It was early morning, and I had just come out of the forest and could see my neighbor’s orchard.

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Anonymous said...

You're 6th! Very good. They are forcasting for rain this area too. (If I see one white flake . I'm going to scream!) Good day for typing up some poems and having a cup of tea.