Wednesday, March 15, 2006

So what's the deal with the weather?

Weather here is psychotic. Monday the temperature neared 80ºF, followed by a big windstorm. Last night I followed my moon shadow down the lane, buffeted by heavy winds. My shadow and I looked drunk as the wind staggered us or suddenly eased. This morning I had snow flurries—a 45º change in temperature from the day before. Friday, several inches of snow are predicted. Even for March, this is unusually bipolar.

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Cathy said...

Psychotic ? that's s good word to descibe this weather. Frankly I tired of hearing the wind. It's now 8:45 pm and it still going at a good clip. Grr!!!!

Oh by the way, the bank robber had a gun too. There's a second part to the story on the blog.