Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Raccoons are awake and out

Last night I talking on the phone and realized I hadn't turned on the porch light, so I walked over and flipped the switch. When I did I saw the hugest raccoon ever on the front deck eating the cat food. I mean this thing was twice the size of my 13 lb Maine Coon cat, so I'm guessing it was well over 20 lbs.

Since the raccoon is obviously awake and out of its den, I suppose I'm forced to admit that spring is here. I haven't seen any signs of new greenery yet, but with the temperatures due to reach the 60's this weekend, that can't be far behind. The 60's are waaay too warm for March, and I am not ready for this.

In good news: The conehead is removed tomorrow. I've discovered that it's just about impossible to train a dog who's wearing a cone. She can't see, she doesn't hear well with it on. I suspect that after 2 weeks of the cone, I will be back at square one with her training. Wait a minute. That's not good news! Oh well, at least the weekend is coming up, so I'll have some time to work with her.

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