Thursday, March 02, 2006


The conehead. A photo of the conehead is as she appeared the day after I brought her home from the vet's. She still wasn’t feeling too great at this point. Today, she is banging around the house, driving me nuts. I will be so happy when the cone and her stitches are gone. I haven’t really be able to continue her training while she’s wearing the cone, so I’m sure it will be like starting all over again. With the cone on, she can only see directly in front of her, and she doesn’t seem to hear too well either. So she can’t see me while I’m trying to work on walking nicely. She has a long way to go on that one, even without the cone.

For a while, I was leaving her out of the crate, but leashed, when I was at work, as she barely fits in the kennel with the cone. But when I came home yesterday, I discovered that she had chewed the doorframe into my bedroom and clawed the wall, so now she is stuffed into the crate. And I have will have to sand and re-stain the door frame and plug up the depression she made in the wall, a project that will have to wait until my next paycheck.

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Daniel B. said...

Lampshade dog! I know it is so they can turn around and lick their cuts or whatever, but it still looks hilarious!