Monday, March 20, 2006

Closed for the Season

The first day of spring greeted me with snow flurries this morning. Winter’s north wind still blows, though not with the meaness of just a week or so ago. Ski Roundtop is now officially closed for the season, ending yesterday afternoon with its traditional pond skimming—an event where skiers, often in swim suits, ski down a slope and across a pond of water. If they hit it just right (and aren’t too heavy) they might make it across the water, but usually they don’t.

I don’t particularly care for spring. For one thing it means winter is over. For another, spring is a season that apparently has a great press agent, always promising warm weather, gentle breezes, baby animals, etc. The hype for this season is so much nicer than the reality. The reality is usually a cold rain, and this brings up my own personal nickname for spring: mud season. There’s not much fun going down the mountain to walk along the stream in the valley when every step I take creates giant sucking noises. I think I stopped liking spring about the first time I ruined a decent pair of boots and came home with muddy feet.

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