Thursday, February 02, 2006


Dog in a portrait taken on Saturday when we were walking around in an area that was partially logged or thinned. Dog loves to sit and climb on anything, especially rocks. When he was a puppy I used to walk him down to the bottom of the mountain and then sit on a boulder there. He wasn't old enough to walk very far, and we had to rest.

He always wanted to jump up on the boulder to sit with me, but he wasn't big enough to jump that high (it was about 16"). So getting him up on the boulder by pushing his butt and encouraging him was a big deal. The day he was finally big enough to get up on the rock himself was a major life event. And ever since then he just loves to jump onto anything he can sit on. Even now, all I have to do is say "rock" and he's there.

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Cathy said...

Ah he looks like he got a little wolf in him.