Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Worried Mom

Tomorrow morning I take Baby Dog to the vet’s to get spayed. I’m already exhibiting “worried mom” syndrome and have taken the day off work on Friday, so I can bring her home and see she’s all right.

Despite long conversations with her about this upcoming procedure, Baby Dog remains blissfully unaware of what awaits her. I know she will not be amused, especially tonight when she doesn’t get any food or treats. I expect she will bark constantly while she’s at the vet’s and that they will all be glad when I bring her home.

When she was a tiny Baby Dog, she barked and/or whined 100% of the time she was awake. In the months I’ve had her, the barking has been mostly eliminated—except during feeding time, when one of the cats is near her food or at the sight of the dog down the hill. I’ve discovered that whenever she’s faced with something new—a new location, a new person—the barking returns until she’s satisfied the new thing is safe enough not to bark at it.

Barking at the cats when they are near her food is a new behavior she started this week. I think she’s decided that lowly cats should not ever be closer to her food bag or the treat bag than she is. And when they are, this is a dangerous development, and I Must Be Warned, and They Must Be Punished.

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Cathy said...

Aw poor puppy!!! I'm sure everything will go all right.