Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Woods hike - part 2

 Walking through the wooded valley between Nell’s Hill and Roundtop Mtn. is a joy in any season, but it’s hard to argue against fall being the best of the best. A snow-covered walk is fine, too, but sometimes hard to accomplish, even on snowshoes. In spring the beauties tend to be smaller--tiny wildflowers and unfolding ferns. In summer I can nearly always find a respite from the heat down here (if not on the climb back up). But fall is simply hard to beat, with its glorious colors and long views.

The walk through the valley isn’t long. After clambering down the mountain, the trip to my destination is only another mile or so. Down near the old summer camp is a small pond, and I like to end my walk here before I turn around and head back up the mountain to my cabin. The pond isn’t more than a few acres, but even so, those few acres give me a nice, open view of the sky, where I can enjoy the sun and see vultures or hawks circle up above. And in fall, especially on a calm day, I like to try and capture the reflections of the yellow or orange trees when I take a photo.

 If it is still along the forested valley, down by the pond it is even quieter, unless I startle a bird or a goose. Here, apart from the forest, I don’t hear any creaks or rustles from the trees. The squirrels stay under the canopy. I don’t even hear the more comforting sound of Beaver Creek splashing over the stones. It is simply quiet.


However long I stay by the side of the pond, it is never long enough. Sometimes I can lose hours here, stretched out in the grass staring into the sky. Sometimes it takes a chilly breeze or the intrusion of dampness to get me moving again. Too often, though, thoughts of all that is left undone back up on the mountain, back in my life, begin to intrude. I suppose it’s good that something eventually intrudes or I would likely lay there forever. That would be so easy to do.


Woodswalker said...

Oh yes! How lovely to go walking with you through this serene and beautiful place.

Carolyn H said...

Woodswalker: Thanks! It's a walk I always look forard to

squirrel said...

These photos are very nice and I love your descriptions. I especially love the Wagoners Gap photo and your descriptions. I am thinking of going up there with the Potoman Vally Audobon Society this season. Maybe I'll see you there.