Friday, October 14, 2011

Gloomy days

 Gloomy weather continues today. It’s been so foggy this week that I have no idea how the color change on Nell’s Hill to the west is doing. As the weather will clear overnight, my first glimpse of it will be tomorrow morning. Whether or not the color change has progressed much in the week since I've seen the mountain, the view will be a surprise.

Elsewhere around the mountain, the color continues to be variable. In some places the colors are well along, though muted by the ever-present fog. Then just a few feet further along the trees may all still be green, and just a few feet further on, the leaves may all be on the ground.

Thunderstorms rumbled around all last evening, close enough to rattle Dog, who has been scared of them since he was caught outside in a doozy of one 4-5 years ago. The poor weather has kept us all inside this week—downpours and thunderstorms don’t make for many forays into the woods.

I, for one, am feeling the lack, especially the lack of seeing birds, who are no doubt hunkered down somewhere as safe and dry just as I am. Mid-October is normally a very good time for birding, so it’s especially frustrating not to be out there looking for the variety this time of year usually harbors.



Scott said...

It just doesn't stop, does it, Carolyn? We had six good days, now we're back to gloom, just like you. It hasn't actually precipitated much here, and certainly no thunderstorms, but it's been drizzly, foggy, and damp for the last three days. September and October are typically the driest months, but not this year, that's for sure. It looks like four rain-free, cooler, more autumn-like days are forecast starting tomorrow (Saturday), but I wonder if the cold front ushering in the more seasonable weather will blow the leaves off the trees.

Carolyn H said...

Scott: No, it just doesn't stop. Apparently I'll only have about 3 dry days before the next system arrives. I suspect winter will be dry and with little snow. Usually, we don't have multiple wet seasons back to back.