Monday, October 31, 2011


Cabin "driveway"
"Snowtober" was not a welcome visitor to Roundtop Mtn. The forest now looks like a war zone. With so many trees still carrying the season’s leaves when this storm began on Saturday, the extremely wet and heavy 10 inches of snow that fell broke scores of branches and often the trees themselves.

Center of driveway

Although I am out of power and my internet/TV cable now lies on the ground, I was lucky at the cabin. I didn’t have any structural damage. I can tell you that it’s a very scary sound to hear a loud, close crack and then hear the branch or half a tree fall to the ground or the roof. I would cringe, and the cats would run under the bed. The dogs headed for their beds.
The good news from this storm is that the forecasted 20 mph winds did not materialize or the damage and broken trees would be far worse, I expect. So far no one knows when power will be restored, and my internet won’t be restored until the electricity is back and running. So posting here on Roundtop Ruminations will likely be spotty for a while.

I cleaned up some of the downed branches yesterday, but will need a tree guy to help with the larger branches or the ones that are still attached to the trees. And getting one of those on the phone today, let alone scheduled, is proving to be a challenge.

So, it could be worse. At least it’s not terribly cold. The temperature will get above freezing today and will likely reach 50 tomorrow or Wednesday. Much of the snow is already disappearing. The chickens are okay, too. Doodle even crowed this morning. Getting back to normal again is going to take a while, though.


Angie said...

The photos are beautiful; I know it's not fun having to clean up and having no power. Hope things will be back to normal for you soon.

Cathy said...

Holy beep, you got it bad. Yikes! What didn't help you, is all the trees with leaves still on it. plus it was heavy wet snow, my snow didn't seem that wet when I shoveled it on Sat.

What so sad about this, the trees this year,once again suffer. Yea, that's part of nature cycle but it's still sad to see it happen.

Cicero Sings said...

Oh my, the clean up is not fun. So hard on the trees. I was happy to see a picture of your cabin though. It is the first time I've seen it ... always the surrounds but never the cabin. Looks cozy and inviting.

Scott said...

Once it started snowing Saturday morning here in the Piedmont, I knew it was going to be bad for you--and it was. I figured we wouldn't hear from you for days--no electricity and no Internet service. So, it's good to hear that you, the dog, and the chickens are okay (even if you don't have electricity). Best of luck with the cleanup; I only had to deal with one huge sweetgum limb that came down across the driveway, and my crew and I cleaned that up in a matter of minutes. We only lost power for a few minutes--unheard of around here.

Granny Sue said...

Wow, what a mess among the beauty. I feel for you; we've had similar experiences so I can appreciate what you face. Stay warm!

LauraHinNJ said...

Oh goodness... what a drag!