Friday, October 28, 2011

I took today’s photo earlier this week during an especially nice sunrise. Already, it looks wildly out of date to me. The forecast for tomorrow is for 5-9 inches of snow, so a scene like this one is already passé.

It’s not out of the norm for my area to see a late October snow. It’s just that they don’t usually arrive the day after the first frost and they aren’t usually measurable. Any snow that arrives when many leaves are still on the trees is bad. The snow will cling to the leaves and weigh down the branches they are on. The branches break and fall on power lines and roads. The trees break and fall on who-knows-what.

And I am not yet prepared for winter. My chickens and their pen will need to be moved to a sheltered spot tonight, something I normally wouldn’t do for another 3-4 weeks. And even then I usually have more than 24 hours notice of an impending storm to get everything organized and everyone moved. This particular storm was pooh-poohed all week by the forecasters: an early snow, so what, no worries. It was only this morning that the forecast went from pooh-pooh to 5-9 inches.

While this snow may well be a pretty snow, it won’t be a pretty weekend dealing with it. Unless the snow goes somewhere else. Or is all rain. I can only hope.  But for now, enjoy the sunrise.


Angie said...

What a breathtakingly beautiful! photograph!!! BTW, I love living vicariously through you and your blog. :) I've been a 'stalker' of yours for several years now. I would love to live in that exact spot, and have chickens too. :)

Carolyn H said...

Angie: Thanks! The light was amazing that morning, kind of hazy with the sun shining through the haze and turning everything red-orange. I don't see sunrises like that very often! And no need to "stalk." :) Roundtop Ruminations is open to everyone!

Cathy said...

They are calling for 6-10 with a chance of getting a foot in my area. I'll probably get a foot, since I'm in the higher elevation. Oh joy, I don't think Penndot is ready for the storm.

Hopefully by now, you got everything done. You could always keep the chickens in the house ;-)

Scott said...

Beautiful sunrise, Carolyn. I get some beautiful sunrises with "high" clouds illuminated in pinks and mauves, but there are hills and trees between me and the horizon, so I can't see the sun proper until well after the best of sunrise has long passed.

Best of luck with the snow--if it materializes as predicted, you'll need it (but I'm not telling you anything you don't already know). Our forecast is for a coating to 2 inches here.