Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Some unadorned cuteness

In my book “cute” can be overdone very quickly, but sometimes even cute is appropriate, and today you will get a full dose of it here at Roundtop Ruminations. Last evening I drove off the mountain just before sunset and there in front of me was cute in full measure, just waiting for me to take their photo.

White-tailed deer are as common as robins here in Pennsylvania, and it’s rare that I go more than a few days without seeing several or nearly colliding with one with my car. The majority of Pennsylvanians are as blasé about deer as they are about robins, too. We barely notice them anymore.

But every now and again we notice, especially when the fawns are small and spotted. Mama and twins were quietly cropping grass in this field and were not very concerned when I stopped the car and rolled down the window. Deer ignore Pennsylvanians almost as much as we ignore them.

The road I was on is not much traveled, so no cars came along while I was taking a few shots from my impromptu mobile deer blind. Mama knew I was there, but as long as I wasn’t doing anything that she deemed dangerous or inappropriate, she was content to just continue grazing and keep an eye turned in my direction.


Cathy said...

My parents now and then refer to them as "brown dogs in the yards"

But fawns are always cute and worth noticing.

And one other note, we are officially half way through summer, Yea, I figure it out last week.

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: The deer are probably more common the dogs, too.

Thank heaven summer is closer to being over than just starting. The weather was brutal yesterday.

Carolyn H.