Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No fawns were injured in the making of this omelet

Some days mountain living is little different than living off the mountain. Other days are really different. Take yesterday, for example. I got home late and had an evening meeting to go to. So when I got home, I hurried to let the dogs out, got them back inside and fed them. Then, I had only a few minutes before I had to leave for my meeting. So on the way out the door, I carried a container of chicken food for the girls’ evening meal.
When I was feeding them I found they had laid 3 more eggs than the 4 I’d collected before I left for work in the morning. But as I was short on time, I didn’t want to go back inside the cabin, so I put the eggs in the chicken food scoop and got in the car. Once in the car, I put the scoop with eggs on the seat beside me and then put my camera bag and a portfolio in front of and beside them so they wouldn’t roll around.

Down the mountain I head, and all is going smoothly until mama deer and twin spotted fawns run across the road in front of me. I have to slam on the brakes to avoid the second fawn. Fortunately, I do avoid the fawn, but the portfolio, camera case, eggs and chicken food scoop slide forward and all end up on the floor of the passenger side of the car.

Miraculously (or so it seemed to me at the time) the eggs did not exit the chicken food scoop but stayed in it and only one of the eggs was broken. But now I had one broken egg floating around in the bottom of the scoop. I pulled over a bit later and dumped that out and wiped my eggy hands on the rain-soaked grass that lines the road. And I made it to my meeting on time.

I bet none of that would happen in to your average city-dweller. I’m just glad I missed the fawnt.

Later in the evening all it took were two tornado warnings, about 6 thundershowers, a torrential downpour and reports of hail, but the soupy weather of yesterday is now gone, and the morning gave me this beautiful sunrise you see in today’s photo.


Anonymous said...

Okay - I totally giggled through this whole thing. I have a old plastic Folgers thing that I use for a feed scoop, and I am ALWAYS putting new found eggs in it on my way back from the coop ... and getting involved in something else and putting it somewhere stupid. LOL I just did it today.

Cathy said...

yikes!!!Well you would a sad excuse if your were late for the meeting.

Had a brief break from humid weather but right now the air feels humid.

However, despite feeling tired after super I did make myself get up and take a walk. Good thing i a Circumhorizontal arc tonight. What's that, there's a picture of it in my blog.

LauraHinNJ said...

I so enjoy your stories... this sounds like quite the adventure!

Carolyn H said...

Smallpines: I use those Folger's plastic things too! I use them to start seed in, for chicken food, to store dog treats in. I swear they are the most useful "free" thing there is.

Carolyn H

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: A circumhorizontal arc? And you got a photo? Hold on, I'll be right over!

Carolyn H.

Carolyn H said...

Laura: there's rarely a dull moment here in my little corner of the forest. Sometimes I wish there would be....

Carolyn H.