Friday, August 20, 2010

Random notes

Although the weather is still hot and a northwest breeze lacking, I am starting to see signs of fall migration around the cabin. This morning I found a red-eyed vireo and this eastern phoebe. Both of these birds breed on Roundtop, but both were also in a place where neither species was seen to hang out all summer long. That makes me suspect they could be migrants, though at the least they are local birds that are now moving around and out of their nesting territories.
For the first time in months, I notice that the weather forecast no longer has any upcoming day of 90 or above in it. Perhaps I can’t quite say that’s a sign of fall, but it’s certainly a sign that summer is past its prime.

Drought-withered leaves continue to drop and are now pretty much everywhere, adding to a look of autumn around the cabin. I’ve had rain in the past week, but it was too late for the leaves that were already yellowing.

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Cathy said...

Maybe those birds brought fall on there wings?