Monday, August 09, 2010

Dog days are here

After a weekend of normal summer weather, higher heat and humidity are returning to Roundtop. Rain has been in short supply during these dog days, which means the understory of the forest is starting to wither. Small shrubs, flowering plants and saplings are all starting to look rather sad this week.

My own water usage is higher than normal, too. The heat makes the dogs and cats, as well as the chickens, drink more, and I find myself filling their water bowls and waterers several times a day. My plants that are summering on the decks need to be watered as well. Usually, I don’t need to do that as what falls from the sky is typically good enough to sustain them through the summer. So naturally, as someone whose water comes from a well, I am starting to be a bit concerned about the amount I am using.

So far, the well and I are doing okay, though I do try to conserve everywhere I can. Showers are short. Laundry is done off-site. If I run hot water, I collect the water before it turns hot to use for the dogs or plants, so it just doesn’t go to waste and down the drain. Still, a bit of rain would be appreciated, though nothing is predicted until later in the week and that looks pretty chancy.

This morning Dog and I really needed a headlamp to start our walk, though I did without one for at least today.  The changing early morning August light in the forest is taking on a a golden hue.  It is a warmer shade than the lemon yellow of last month.  Despite the heat, the wheel of the year is turning yet again.


Cathy said...

Just remember send extra rain up my way. it's too early to see all these yellow leaves. Right now a remnants of a tropical storm would good for teh area.

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: I've seen a few red and yellow leaves, but I am probably a few days away from seeing many of those. I'm hoping for some rain on Thursday--perhaps that will be soon enough fore forestall them.

Carolyn H.