Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Weirdness on a rainy morning

The forest is gulping down the rain that’s falling here on the mountain, though it’s too soon to see brown and wilted vegetation turn green again. Maybe by evening. The rain is much welcomed and a relief. The rain puts an end both to the immediate fire danger and to the niggling worry that never quite disappears over the threat of dry wells.

From my vantage point, I’m never too far from seeing how much weather can impact daily life—not just my own but also that of people who live in nearby metropolitan areas. The difference is that I see right away when fire or drought is endangering the area, and I think many people who live in urban areas don’t. Their houses are still there, the streets are still there, the watered lawn is still there—it’s easy to ignore outside conditions when you don’t see much that’s outside or natural.

I can’t help but feel this isn’t a good thing.

I’m toying with all sorts of weird ideas. Maybe we should have automatic shower shut-offs timed to the level of the local water table. On a normal day you can have 10 minutes. When the water level is low, you get three. Or what about the electricity police who would enforce a ban on electric candles in every window of the house? Do we really need 10,000 Christmas lights on every house?

Do you think any of these might work?

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jeannette said...

In California there is some "control" when they have borrowed too much (read: bought!) from other states. Then we can't water the lawn. One time they even enforced that you couldn't wash your car (that didn't last long).
Only, I've never seen anyone get a ticket for doing it anyway (and they do!)