Friday, July 16, 2010

A day at camp

Yesterday was my day leading kids around at adventure camp. Boy, was it hot! The temperature was 92 and the humidity was terrible. I drank oceans of water over the 6 hours of hiking. When I got home I was as soaked with moisture as if I’d stood out in a rainstorm. This morning I am still tired. Of course, Baby Dog woke me up a time or two to complain about the nightly raccoon, so sleep deprivation is at least part of that.
I make 6 trips up and down the mountain with a different group of kids each time. Typically, I start to hear one or two of them asking “how much further?” after about 30 minutes into the 60 minute hike. Even the kids who claim to spend time running aren’t used to walking for more than a few minutes at a time. A 60 minute walk is really foreign to them.

Yesterday, despite the heat we (or at least I) had a good sighting. A pied-billed grebe spent the day tooling around the pond, even while the kids were paddling their canoes all over it. The bird seemed healthy and happy—the pond is full of frogs—and wasn’t at all disturbed as the kids paddled very near it, shouting and flailing their paddles around. Once or twice I saw the bird move to the opposite end of the pond but it was soon back amongst the kids.

In the heat, we didn’t see a lot of animals, though we did manage one deer. As the kids typically make a lot of noise, that was unexpected. Butterflies, especially swallowtails of several species, were out in force. And the rain on Wednesday brought lots of frogs and toads for the kids to catch, which made up for having to walk 60 minutes at one time. At least I think it did.


jeannette said...

Uh-oh - I thought kids in the country would be more used to roaming around a lot, or are these city kids! "They say" that a 5 year old is able to walk a few miles!

Cathy said...

Lol! You'll probably be glad when this us over! I saw the radar this afternoon with the line of storms and I was like, I hope Carol didn't have to do hikes today.

Carolyn H said...

Jeannette: I thin most of these kids are "development kids" --nice houses, parents with at least some extra cash, lots of activities for the kids. I think the parents take the kids everywhere and that they don't have to walk very far wherever they go.

Carolyn H.

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: I'll be glad when this heat disappears! It's not a lot of fun going up and down the mountain 6 times a day when the heat is in the lower 90's and so is the humidity. A normal summer, with normal summer temps would be much appreciated right now!

Carolyn H.