Thursday, July 08, 2010


You know, I think I really do feel cooler when I look at this photo. Today the temperature is to drop out of the triple digits and move into the mid-90’s. I am ready for that.

This morning the cabin was 2 degrees cooler than it was the day before, and outside I can feel just the barest hint of a breeze. The breeze is nothing to crow about, but after the dead stillness of previous days, even a hint seems worthy of mention.

I took the first photo in late February, after the second 2-ft snowstorm blanketed the mountain. Quite a difference from today’s weather. The second photo is of the mystery objects on my back deck. The mystery is now solved and the deck furniture is visible once again.

When it is as hot as this, 2 degrees cooler is a distinct, if slight, improvement. On more moderate days, a temperature change of 2 degrees isn’t noticed at all, though if you were thinking about it, you just might be able to notice. But at these higher temperatures, those 2 degrees are both noticeable and welcome. It’s not enough for me to start cooking again or to tackle the pile of ironing, but I’ll take it.


Cathy said...

yea you posted snow pics!!!kinda hoping for a t-storm for tonight just for a change of pace/ So it's only a 30% chance.

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: I'm not counting on a t-storm tonight, but tomorrow looks pretty likely!

jeannette said...

Sorry, California Girl does the same, she posted one of my paintings (with a waterfall) to make her feel cooler:)
Hope this is over soon for all of you who are in this heat wave!!

Woodswalker said...

Oh, thanks for that! This heat is reminding me why I love winter.